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Light Thoughts V.

The twist of fate can relate to cosmic mutiny.
Slow runners are the winners in fine.
Lines straight can in mind be curbed down.
Thrown objects can serve in mending a crown.
Songs in myriads save the choir from doubt.
Songs are wings that fly us beyond clouds.
Being in being solved and consumed raw.
Being to being summed up equal and draw.
None is absolute master of absolute gun.
None can sane be that sees no folly in none.
Roads cross roads that obscure direction.
Sanctions committed by faction on faction.
Rationalize your steps with careful scrutiny.
Eyes that eye evil is evil eying itself.
Books never read die premature on shelf.
Current gossips stack words over words over lips.
I heard of dreams that creep out of sleep.
I shall walk out of coma before dawn's trauma.
I shall ask for answers from today's ancestors.
We shall seek refuge in countries that deny and refuse
Or shall meet in heaven as promised by angels craven.

by Driss Ezzireg

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In mending a crown objects can be served. Songs in myriads save the choir from doubt. Such songs mesmerize and amaze mind. Very wisely penned thoughtful poem is shared.10