Light Through Darkness

The song of heart - no 4

Light through darkness

Deep darkness drops in the pain laden
heart of mine,
O what a darkness! The song unuttered on the
Wings of local wind upon my bare being.
Blank mind gropes in the field of thought,
Past as a dream visits in the darkness of night.
As a fish Levitating in the ocean, wafting
Flow of harmonious melody,
I am fluxing in the flux of life.
Letting God flow against my conceptual religion,
Life meets life and pain of fullness dawns on my restless being.
Illumination is an ageless bondage and seems
antagonistic to the song of my heart.
Love grows in the absence of mind and thought
Of getting enlightened.
Thesis and antithesis dissolve and new synthesis is born in the arbor of my consciousness.
In the let - go spirit of my mind I get thee in my heart as a song unsung from time immemorial.

by Prabir Gayen

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