Light To A Dark World (Sun-Woman Pt.4)

Poem By Llew N. Rmail

The hope is gone;
Nothing stirs.
I wait, paralyzed, lying on the hard,
rocky ground like I have
for what feels like athousandyears or more.

I can’t tell.

There is no time after the measurer,
the sun,
is gone.
At the mention of the sun my
heart cries,
“Where is my Sun-Woman? ”
My brain doesn’t have an answer.
Instead, it calls,
“Why hasn’t she come? ”

Suddenly, a bright flash fills the dark
My eyes are blinded
by the light, the first light I’ve seen
in so many very long years.
My pupils take long minutes to adjust,
focusing on a dark spot
in the overwhelming
My brain senses something from long ago,
a spark of recognition
sets my skull on fire.

it comes to me.
the long, slender shape.
“It is my Sun-Woman! ”
I cry.
“My Sun-Woman has come! ”
My voice is cracked from the
without water.

She comes closer.
When she reaches me, she says,
“I am so sorry.
the only way to join you was to die
but I knew you would want me
to live, so I waited.
Now I am dead.
I am sorry we had to be apart”
“I don’t care, ” I shouted,
“for you
have brought light
to this dark world.
and now we can live together,
Forever! ”
My eyes have adjusted to this light,
and I see thousands of happy people
doing things
I forgot existed.
“Sun-Woman, you have
brought light
and life
again to
and I thank you.
I love you so much,
For once again
You have made the sun rise over my dreary face.
Thank You.
Thank You.”

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