Light Up The Night

Originally posted in 2008, however some issues occured and all my poetry was deleted, however I had a copy of it stored and am reposting it now

Dancing to another tune under the new blue moon
Holding the one you shove closer then one you love
Nothing stays the same and nothing will change

Show someone you care
Not the cross that you bear
Keep promises forever
Show them that your clever

Loving how another one has his sanity gone
Wishing the one you love will become the one you shove
No one stands alone and no one stays at home

Show someone your fair
And the thoughts that you care
Candles light up the night
How I held you so tight

Show someone you care, Dancing to another tune
Not the cross you bear under the new blue moon
keep promises forever holding the one you shove
Show them that your clever and closer to the one you love

by Electric Tripp

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