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Lightened By My Load
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Lightened By My Load

Poem By John Roche

The fuel of my ambition feeds a fire that drives me on,
Un-tempered by suggestions that somehow I don't belong.
Society will tell me that I am a lesser man,
For not adhering blindly to the corp'rate master plan.

Determination grows within, a source I can't explain,
Powered perchance from anger escalating out of pain.
Inflicted by the sneers of hate, which dog my ev'ry move
Upon this path of solitude; a point I seek to prove,

To those who doubt me just because they do not understand.
This situation different than the way they always planned,
And so they lash out, striking me with ridicule and shame
Believing that I'll change my tune before I end this game.

But as my Father taught me, I just turn the other cheek
Allowing them to fool themselves in thinking I am weak.
And sticking to my guns I keep right on my lonely road,
Still trusting to His blessing, strangely lightened by my load.

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