Lighter Burdens

The burdens we've carried
So long on our backs
Are surely apparent
When we look at our tracks.

The heaviest burdens
Show the deepest imprints
And the longer we carry,
The more we will wince.

When we sink to our knees
By the side of life's road,
We pray for assistance
To lighten our load.

And a friend comes along
Who will understand
That to lighten your burdens
Means "offer a hand."
Day is Gone I tried to press it to my breast -
This day of fading light.
I tried to push the hours back
I tried with all my might.
And though I tried, the sun went low
And offered up the night.
The day was gone - I know not where -
Just gone - and out of sight.

by Bunny Z. Geller

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We absolutely enjoyed reading your poem. :) Sincerely, Crystal, Yusra and Marilyn aka. Ruby, Jethro and Maryland