Lightning Bolt In A Droplet Of Water

I start again, marked to win, I'm a target then
Certain persecution, per nuisance, I heard the flames discharge
Played my part, regardless, with verses, pages, the perfect Truth imparted, through the Bible
No circus, using the Lord for cover
Light absorbed the bubble, so much hurt I've seen...
And this a tool to sort the rubble for the worthwhile things
Full of mirth, smil-ing, I'm wild, dreams became reality
The hate into a battle scene, truly, masterfully
Mad at me because I don't embrace the evil...
So I ain't real, I refused to stay in Satan's sequel
Just to pay my bills, my faith fulfilled instead
Thinking of the book of Daniel, seen the bull, and took a handle, on the horns
So Weh' can lead...
We was going through a lot but it ain't even feel like it
I mean, sometimes, the storm is hot
But Jesus'd clean up real nicely
Like, just, the other day, another phase was opened, said I see a helper
Being together's meaning more than even scripting letters, and to Yahw.. the Almighty, I beg, my edge remain a leg
For Light, and for sight, standard fights
Present, and Spirit ready, mighty in the Highest God, tie me, I'm floating...
Before, okay, oh, wait until the great is spoken, Weh' controls it, they can hold it then
Grown, a kid still, some soulish, amidst hills, rolling, oceans, open forests, and potent plants
Roads, the Master lives...
And pastors heal the cracks on  the passage, noted
And time persists, the Gospel is the only, the standard, holiness, that appeals to me...
I could talk about a lot... talk about the plots, squawk about revenge against the devil
Like I'm lost and
I'm never living to be cool because it costs a lot, a soul, moral, values and the truth
Just to ball then rot
Wiles, prattle, broken rules, spirits chalking spots, some falling hot lava
The worse of curses, the Word discerns it...
I can feel the joy that I seek, as if, I had it all
Healings, look how joyous it'd be, and, oh, how coy is she? Spirit sense, the portals I see, the Lord shall be exalted
Lack respect for time, just the changes, I be where fog is, ribbit, frogs and hidden points
Of this nature, the course of peace and progress...
I don't care what they thinking, that ain't my source
Selfless favors left me
Stranger than basically everything they said, never changed trajectory
I been the man I am, who they are, I'm clueless, I do this, 'cause I ain't went nowhere
Karma's an illusion (not godly)
Psalms eighty-three, verses two through eight
Do explain why 'scars are elusive', the crafty counsel set to wipe away my memory, like I get no air
To steal original, individual, and  dimensional, and since unfair, the Spirit motivates
To keep me centered...
I eat for dinner, tactics on the plate, the road was crazy
When I heard about, the targeted individuals, taken, I was mainly surprised, but, I ain't same as that
There's actually others
Stating facts, relating... it'd just take me back...
The only going out I'm doing is where my Savior at
Testimonies hold power, blessings, to the saints, perhaps, I'm fading, from the vague, other nettings, it's hard to concentrate
Malice conjures much
The honest way, I choose, I love the reign, function, praise to God, His sons obey
Battle stance against the prattle scam, judgement being soon, and no way I'm being shadowbanned, what I speak is truth
Inking through, bleeding squares, what I even do? Listening to the rainfall, thinking 'bout some cream of soup
I don't get the hints, really, what are they for?
'Cause my intentions ain't so difference from the stuff they implore
None absorbed, everything is  dead to me, how I like it now? Etched in me, ain't no feeling, lest it be a net
Lightning bolt in a droplet of water

by Dexsta Ray

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