Lightning Over Missouri

God came out to play last night with
A box of firecrackers, which he scattered
Across the Heavens - like a million,
Exploding lights. They decorated the
Clouds, creating shapes and visions
That stirred my peaceful soul from it's
Slumbering state. Streaks of lightning
Zigzagged and crashed right overhead,
Pinks and silvers, blues and whites,
All merged into a masterpiece, the
Whole horizon seemed to dance to
Some fantastic tune as God composed
A concerto to a captive, earthly audience.
His lightning show rumbled on, over
The distant mountains, just as he sent
The musical raindrops to moisten the
Waiting trees. It was as if he was saying
"This is my blood - now you can drink
Of me." All around you could smell the
Freshness of his elixir of life; it makes
You think about what God has given us
In this beautiful Universe, each and every
Time he decides to throw lightning over
Missouri - allowing us to witness one of
His special, magical playtimes!

by Anne Davies

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