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BN (19/03/1979 / Swansea)


Poem By Ben No

red lines
and blue lines, intersecting and
encircling these two obsidian monuments
who stand haughty and implacable normally
but with such thrashing, screaming silken lights
they are rendered gaudy, look you can see
the scarlet shape of anger on one blank stone,
red light now ripcurled
and forming a frowning eyebrow
(and yes, it does look angry)
that then rejoins the dance
with the blue, who has been making
the other monument look depressed,
coiled ribbon of blue
twists itself into a noose, slides
down the face of this obsidian colossus
and then is back to the dance with the red.

They are communing with us. The lights.

They're trying to tell us something.

the shape-shifting and dancing speeds up
until they are a obsidian-obscuring haze,
and images appear there,
images it might not be heathy to look at
and then the lights are beams,
fired from the top of the monuments,
straight into the sky.
and they go.

the obelisks sit, once again haughty, once again implacable.

what did it mean? what were the lights trying to say? Did anyone manage to understand them?

help us

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really fantastic poem
Ben No: Interesting piece of observation and personalization! -Chuck
It is good poem. Try not to have run away lines.
I actually like this..., its pretty good.