Like A Dawn That Has Come

It does not matter,
No longer to me.
What it was you had told to others.
With a doing to have them believe.

What should matter to you,
And more each day...
With blessed breath,
God has allowed you and me to breathe...
Are the lies you have told,
On me to do on purpose and needlessly.

Not only have you served,
Both of us a disservice.
You have also destroyed,
Completely your own integrity.

Gone is that and any respect,
I once had for you.
Like a dawn that has come to move on.

Like a Sun that has begun to slowly set.
Leaving nothing left not even feelings of regret.
To know my steps to move forward,
Will be done with a doing...
To distance myself from you as far as I can get.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I can feel the pain in this poem I enjoyed reading it I can relate Like a dawn that has come to move on