Like A Decaying Tooth

Truth like a decaying tooth,
Hits a nerve if left ignored.
And eventually 'has' to come out.
Or continues to contaminate.
Until its pain shuts a moaning mouth.

And whether the tooth comes out or not...
The devastation can become so effective,
Folks refusing to correct the defects...
Are subjected to live their entire lives,
Relying on the inadequate taste of reality...
Based upon falsities,
With the naturalness of a substance missing.

And those left to gum through what is consumed,
Only dream in wishful thinking they could afford...
Getting a remembered bite back,
Once they took so much for granted.
Now observe they do so many trying to hide,
They too are going through the same process.
But consciously chose to be victims.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Like a tooth decay, nice idea for a poem