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Like A Falling Star
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

Like A Falling Star

The sunset began before my eyes,
Angels sinking their heads in soulful cries.
The soldier's thumping footfalls fade away
The oldman now drags his atrophied feet about all day.
The mud of life soon taints
The white garment of birth so quaint.
And as the smoke rises in the air
Displacing the tranquil wind everywhere

The human life spans like a sunset
The beginning phase being the brightest.
I know the music of this valley has taught me how
Like a falling star, life creeps its way down
Before the face of the world engrossed with sunset
As the traders start displaying their wares
To the sight of their common costumer- the thirsting tyrant
Whose thin long cane yearns for victims
And the displayed wares- throbbing human hearts
Their value; their dignity wanes before life's long cane,
Like that falling star.

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Ur use of words ar realy great, ....
I keep reading this poem of and over and every I feel as if I've been hit with a bomb in the face! Really it is fantastic.It is fabulous.Congratulations on a stunning achievement
What a great work of supreme art.You are a master with words and I wish you the best.Thank you so much