Break My Heart

I know what your going to do
Your going to break my heart and run
You may say different now
But later its me you'll shun

My feelings will end up hurt
My self esteem going down
But yet I'll keep looking
In hope the right guy will come around

Yet I know what the truth is
Love is not for me
Its obvious by my love life
So loveless I shall be

But throughout my serch for love
I'm postive I'll find
many heart breaks from men
who said they were kind

But my perfect man will never hurt me
He'll protect me from my fears
He'll hold me tight in his arms
and won't cause any tears

Yet so sorry for me because I know
Theres no perfect guy out there
So I'll just sit around and wait right here
for a man to try to love me if they dare

by Silent Speaker

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