Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There

I must have you, pay for you – or else
Expensive you are too, but I need you
Send me letters in the mail that make no sense
You bill me every six months
I have owned you for five years now
Never needed you until now
I call you on the phone, ignored, don’t really matter to you
But I wait for you, only because I need you
Bonded to you like glue, dependent upon you and solely you
Finally I hear your voice
Annoyed, frustrated, and busy, treated me like a fly who doesn’t go away
Don’t you understand that I work so I hard to have you
To pay you on time, to keep you
It wasn’t my fault you know, my wreck
But you send me through loops and hurdles, making me beg for your help
Like a good neighbor, state farm is there…
Like my neighbor's dog shit in the backyard, you are there

by Jennifer Unknown

Comments (3)

What a poestic slam! I loved it and it is so true! Well done! ! ! ! ! !
I was trying to think just moments ago about why I should not start driving again-a monthly payment out reach, the drunk that cripples me worse than I already am, and then this poem crops up. Your in the same kind of good hands with Allstate, too. Maybe you should try that annoying but ubiquitous gecko. That company is one of Warren Buffet's and thus you could donate some more money to Bill and Melinda Gates' philanthropic efforts.
Funny and serious at the same time... a good balance. -Storm