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Like A Lost Girl In A Park

I’m a simple man
Cleaning your car
After a heavy snowfall;
I’m saying little prayers
To guide you through storms
And to keep you warm.

Sadness often finds you
Like a lost girl in a park
Who has wandered away
From her mother,
And the world
Is so immense and dark.

Child, I know you will be well,
Your pulsating heart will persevere
These trials and temporal hells,
And you will come out
Of every complicated ordeal
Diamond and star-like.

And I’ll remember the night
I first saw you smile
And heard the song
Of your musical laughter.

Mystical joy descends
Upon the earth.

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Comments (4)

soft snowflakes that are melting soft snowflakes are melting in my heart as i read this...oh what a beautiful poem -you know how to write whispering poems...Pia ,
Movingly beautiful Uriah. Such feeling written into it. A pleasure to read. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Soul music for December. Hauntingly lovely, Uriah. Kindest regards, Sandra
As always, Uriah, you come right on cue... I really needed this poem right now, feeling very lost indeed. Miss your songs... ~Lee