Like A Party Drug.

This Girl was likE A party Drug.
She was Like A Pipe Filled WIth Bud.

Miss Popular, and her Phone.
Never Home, No Stoppen Her.

Then One Night Things went Arye.
Her with friends Yet Alone On a fry.

The girl like a drug No Longer Was there.
No hurry to crawl, she was with out cares.
No worries at all.

Then A partial mistake, She drove home.
Almost too her block she hit the breaks, and started to walk.

Then from behind Some one Didn't mind.
To put an end to a good time.

Like a party drug, Soon It was over.
She saw her self, only older.

Her blood got colder, until she was to frozen to talk.
Then she continued her walk a little unthawed.

She made it home. Threw out her phone.
A little more grown she deicided she was no longer the party.

If theres a good time its sure to be had.
The army is out there, but now their Missing the bag.

Tee hee.

by Ron Farmer

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I had some friends that were the party and still kind of are.