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Like A Process
(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Like A Process

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

Riding a donkey.
With a monkey watching you from a tree;
Red skies!
Blue love;
To meet each other and to explain the ways of life.

Humna understandings!
Human undertakings,
Yellow skies;
With the muse of love,
Like a scene on the Kalahari Desert.

In the wilderness!
In the thick forest of Africa;
And, with conservative trust.

Blue skies!
With the muse of the animals around;
In Africa,
Like a process;
The process of life!
And, taking a step forward.

The flow!
To find the right channel to flow through;
With the muse of the talents of the thinker,
Living in a Glass Palace of love.

Food is not everything;
As everything that walks leaves a track,
Along the way!
Like rthe tracks from the donkey.

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