Like A Rose

I am like a rose in many ways
I have thorns to keep people away
So do roses
I am gental, sweet, and soft
So are the pedals of roses
I have a stem that I stay attached to
So I don't get deystroyed
And so do roses
I have bugs that get me mad and irritated
So do roses
I bring love, joy, and happiness to some people
So can the roses
I can wither and die, be no more
So do roses but it doesn't always end badly
I'm like a rose in many ways

by Sesamarna Syfyre

Comments (3)

Jessica, I've given you a ten on this; for your honesty and your passion. Keep writing, for you have much to offer.
this is written beautifuly. it's like a big simile of you and a it - Evy
Yes, roses are so beautiful as you have expressed of yourself in this fine write. GOD Bless! Delilah