FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

Watch It 3

I walk up in da club on bhad bxtch status, bxtchz trynna holla while dese niqqahz still trappin, can't no bxtch compare cuz by far I am dha baddest, dem sucka otha broads is blown off da atlas; if yu qot da money shawdee let it all be seen, puttn 1 thanq b4 hoes & dats da qreen, cuz dat qreen keepin classy lookin so clean wit da bhadd ass body and attitude so mean; I always do dis shxt without hesitation, yu can clearly see dat classy is so amazinq, followin da wise but all dem niqqahz is blazinn, I make dese hoes sick im da doctor dey da patient; watch me make it work, watch me make it work watch me bend ova & make dis ass twerk, put it on ya bhadd enuff ya ass wanted tu lurk, but yu finna fck around & qet dem feelinns hurt; talk tu my ass it talk back, I bounce it up & down jus tu watch how yu react, shawdee say she neva seen a ass so fat, like da franchise oh she think she like dat! ...tu be continued; Classy <3

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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