Like Borther And Sis

At first we were friends,
like brother and sis'
and a few months later
it became this,

We were the cutest couple,
one of the best.
We loved each other,
unlike the rest.

You looked me in the eye,
whenever i speaked,
i knew the very moment we met,
that it was you i seeked.

But then we lost it,
this love we had.
how could this happen?
Why so bad?

You broke my heart,
ripped it, piece by piece.
You shreded my love,
i wish to cease.

You love her,
though shes not right.
She hurt you horribly,
every nighy.

I never dreamed
i'd have someone like you,
i thougth it would last
i guess i had no clue.

When will you stop?
Will it ever go away?
i don't need this anymore.
Please don't stay.

Just leave me forever,
that way ill never drown,
in the tears ive shed,
they cover the ground.

Just leave me alone,
get out of my life!
everytime i see you
it cuts like a knife.

Don't look this way
or talk to me.
i'll let it go
and ill leave it be.

Im sorry i felt it
im sorry we tried.
Im sorry it failed,
our love just died.

Now we don't talk,
or even glance
but if we did
we have no chance.

This is done
and so are we
it was awesome
but now we flee

Lets go our seperate ways,
and never come back,
cuz it would her more
our future is now black.

by Natalie Walton

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