AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Like Diamonds In The Sky

The night is falling
Stars come out calling
Twinkling their diamond eyes
Spreading wonder in the darkening skies
Winking flirtatious glances
What are the chances
That it is you and me they are enchanting
And our wishes they’ll be granting
In a sky so dark and far
There has got to be a star
That seeks to shine for you and me
Need we command an argosy
That glistens upon every sea
To find that elusive grain of sand
Stretching to the horizon of the Promised Land
What nebulous encounter escapes us
Is it not enough the aura that drapes us
Like diamonds in the sky
They are treasures belonging to you and I
And if we could get up and fly
We’d be there in the blink of an eye
Grabbing our special one
Before they disappear in the morning sun

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Absolutely beautiful. I was inspired this evening to write a poem about the stars in the sky as well, but yours is enchanting. Awesome work.