ML (02/13/1989 / Oklahoma City)

Like Lovers Do

Standing in the moonlight
of the Autumn dusk and breeze

was the night i met her,
that girl in baby blue jeans

She wouldn't tell me her name
i didn't dare to ask

Who would of thought that moment would forever last

her image embeded in my mind
as if i commited a murderous crime

and with her innocent voice she whispered in my ear..

Do not fear me nor will i fear you
lets make love like lovers do
tell our tales and sing our blues
fight and make up couse that's what lovers do

I couldn't believe my ears
i looked at her one more time
froze in shock as if i forgot my line
and i slowly whispered her my reply

and i said..

You shall not worry
You shall not fear

you were hoping a hero would come and i am here

So lets make love like lovers do
we'll tell our tales through and through
sing out our hearts tellin them good ol' blues
couse baby! thats what lovers do

Then she took my hand and we began, dancing off the ground
Then it started as we departed for our love... when...

WE BOTH SAW IT and GAZED UPON IT as we made a wish

14 years later we're still together watching our children run and play
yet even today ill always say...

I love you my love and i always will
you filled a spot in me i couldn't heal
your my life and my light,
No you're my shining knight.


Lets be parents like they do
lets tell the children our tales
teach them of the blue's
one day they'll meet someone
and share theirs too and they can..

Make love like lovers do they can
tell their tales and sing their blue's
couse baby! that's what we all do.

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