Like Most Revelations

It is the movement that incites the form,
discovered as a downward rapture--yes,
it is the movement that delights the form,
sustained by its own velocity.And yet

it is the movement that delays the form
while darkness slows and encumbers; in fact
it is the movement that betrays the form,
baffled in such toils of ease, until

it is the movement that deceives the form,
beguiling our attention--we supposed
it is the movement that achieves the form.
Were we mistaken?What does it matter if

it is the movement that negates the form?
Even though we give (give up) ourselves
to this mortal process of continuing,
it is the movement that creates the form.

by Richard Howard

Comments (2)

Richard Sir, with the gentle movement of your pen, like a Music Conductor with his baton, - you have created this wondeful piece of poetry! Embedded with high Philosophical thoughts! 10 + -Raj Nandy (Where are your other poems? When I had looked for them earlier I could not find any!)
Richard Sir, How I wish that I was located closer to you, or you in New Delhi, where you could have explained some of the technicalites of music to me! About the manipulation of the chords and bending of notes and improvisation leading to Jazz music at the turn of the 19th Century! I am an ardent lover of classical jazz, written my Introduction to, - 'The Story of Jazz Music ', on page 5! Could you kindly read it when you have the time? Sir, I got clean bowled the other day when I heard -'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck's Quartet! With best of regards, -Raj Nandy