Poem Hunter
Like Never Before
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Like Never Before

I get to be who it is I am...
After digesting suggestions,
And recommendations
I protested.
With a racing mind.

I found my direction scattered.
My time alone shattered,
By thoughts of others
That grew as I became too full
Of 'who' said 'what' and 'how'
I should best approach my destiny!

Finding myself on my hands and knees...
Searching through doubts,
Held me enslaved in dismay!

I get to be who I am today...
And when I 'arrived'
As the drifting 'pieces'
Began to click and snap into place,
I could not believe the recognition I received!
With clarity and acceptance in attendance.
I embraced myself with the kind of joy,
I thought was not allowed.
I once buckled and bowed to disbelief!
Upon an appearance of relief that came to show!
I had used my tools to seal my grief,

Stunned by lack of self defense...
How quickly I discovered to shut my mouth.
Stepping over traps laid by naysayers,
Scouting to recruit weakness to smother quick...
With sympathy I had not reached to seek,
Nor expect with ambush.
And let my heart speak to me...
I did,
Like never before!

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