MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Like The Lake A Chinese Poet Sits Beside In A Painting

Who cares about
the weight of a lake?
Who would care to weigh it?

Who cares about
the colour of a lake
without the light of the sky
to reflect in it?

Who notices its modesty,
reflecting all, but silent of itself?

Who observes that the lake
remains unaffected,
not pained by loss,
not pleased by gain?

Who notices its wisdom,
obeying every law?

Who names its generosity,
among the fish, the birds,
the animals who drink?

Who knows whether the tree
leaning over it, sees its own reflection?

Who notices its love?
It bonds with earth,
It flows when needed,
as love does.

Who asks where the lake came from,
seeing it there?

Who wonders how old that lake is?
It is without age today.

Who wonders whether the lake
knows itself water,
or if water knows itself lake?

Who does not go to seek it,
for its stillness, for its silence,
as if it understands the mind’s needs,
the heart’s nourishment?

He is like that.

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This one came out of the blue... but it has, I realise now, an alternate title...'The Wise Man'....
I saw this poem on the forum today and just had to take a closer look, In my opinion, it is works such as these that carry something deeply-spiritual and offer us a wonderful way of viewing something from a special perspective Awe-inspiring piece of excellence Michael Love duncan X
This is beautiful, so many uplifting images in your eloquent manner or touch that you have with words.....better than perfect write..........marci.m. :)
This morning, after the last few see-saw weeks, I visited your words for nourishment. I and find these.... Bliss. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The tapestry is perfect, M. A piece that breathes serenity.... and thoughtfulness, of course. The picture, bamboo hat and all (well maybe that is just my picture) is instantly depicted then finely developing along with the mood you nurture here. Wonderful. t x