TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)

Like The Waves

You wanted me..I wanted you..
I had no respect for myself; if you said do this or do that..I did.
Why must it come to this? Why can't I stand up for myself?
I watch outside the window..and see the waves hit the shore;
The shore doesn't resist..it just goes with the sea..out to the deep and then back to the shore..
As if it was only used for a time; til the sea found other things to play with..the rocks near by; the shells washed upon the shore; or maybe
just the wonder's under the sea...but; the waves come back to the shore and hit the shore over and over..nothing stops it..nothing can.
Some of us are like the waves..always hitting..and some of us are like the shore..waiting and waiting..but in the end the shore is always hit by the waves and washed over.

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