CB (11-4-93 / )

Like Them

I try to be happy for them
When inside I am not
I think I'm just jealous
Cuz they're what I am not

A perfect daughter
Perfect grades
Lovely smiles
They've got it made!
Oh I wish I was them!
I wish I was them
I just wanna be the perfect friend

Life is so hard for me to walk through
Love and fear; so many tests
And yet no matter how I try
I just never seem to be the best

They can sing
They can act
Better of when me
They lack
Oh how I wish I was them!
I wish I was them
I'll never be the perfect friend

I'm too different
I'm not smart
The only one
Who lacks a heart

I wish I could be
Anyone but me
I just want someone to see!
Something special inside of me

They're all pretty
They succeed
But one day I
Will take the lead!
Someone will notice me
One day I'll be free!

They will love me
They'll be there
One person who acts
Like they care
About the girl who
Can't act, can't sing
Always fails miserably
But who trys so very hard
To make you see this one
Who wishes to be their friend

Oh how I wish I was them
I wish I was them!
With their perfect teeth
Perfect eyes
I'm the one left to sigh
And I wish I could believe!
That there's someone out there for me

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