AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Like Too Many Yesterdays

The sun finally rose
Melting the dew that froze
In the cool winter night
Eyes once shut tight
Opened, accustomed themselves to the light
The alarm clock spoke
The population awoke
Preparing themselves for that first bite
Like too many yesterdays
Dusty skies and carbon haze
Fill the air with an inadmissible hue
Hiding the ice capped mountains from view
So I raced the children out the door
Jumped in the car, pushed the pedal to the floor
Totally without concern
The traffic got worse
I was the first to curse
Rubbing what was starting to burn
At a distance I could not see
I hear a car horn symphony
Where’s that exit where I turn
Everyone is a few minutes late
Same excuses served on a common plate
When will we ever learn?
Like too many yesterdays
Boredom sets in many ways
Slowing slipping into nothingness
Slowing dying of the loneliness
The sun got hotter and hotter
She smiled but it was not her
In the frying pan sidewalk she was but a mirage
Like tiny soldier ants we scatter
Reasons why does not matter
Streets become an artists’ collage
The day grew longer
The smog stung stronger
Crying comes in a brownish barrage
Like too many yesterdays
And too many stages without plays
The curtain is drawn for now
I’ve gotten away today with as much as God will allow

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Outstanding work....imagery and truth exceeding the limits.Well done