Like Works Of Art

People are works of art.
I've known some human sculptures:
Elegant, cold, detached,
Closed in upon themselves.
Others are paintings. These
Need a beholder. Vainly
Pose to be looked upon.
Eye-to-eye dialogue.
Those who are music-like
Want no big audience, playing
Soul-to-soul melody,
Harmony shared with few.
All of them are unique
And - as types - universal,
Yet some just baffle me,
Books in a foreign tongue.

by Julia Klimenova

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Comments (9)

An artist who sees the perspectives of a true art, thanks for sharing. Top marks.
Definately an original mind at work. Thank you for sharing. Kindest regards, Sandra Fowler
I have to say this is a wonderful poem to be worthy of any notice from any poetry-lover, not excluding me. Thanks for your new poem....
Great observations, Julia. This is a fine poem. Best, Hugh
You, dear Julia, are music, pure and simple. Wonderfully observant poem. Scarlett
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