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Like You There's None
MC (May 26,1995 / Lima, Peru)

Like You There's None

Poem By M.A. Ces

So many ways I can do this
But I choose this way
You’re what I most miss
And that’s all I have to say
But let me go on
Even though there’s no more
I was up until dawn
Because everyone just chooses to ignore
No on listens to me the way you do
No one has the patience to
There’s absolutely no one like you
No one who’s always up to someone new
It’s too bad I had to go
Because I wasn’t prepared
I think you ought to know
Everyone here’s just glared
No one accepts my change
But from you I learned to care
It’s kind of strange
How people like you are rare
Everything here just makes me want to disappear
Without you it’s not fun
I can’t until you’re hear
Because like you there’s none! ! ! !

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