Lil Lil Eyes...

Lil lil Eyes...

Every night the same dream,

dreams of moments never seen,

dreams of places never been,

dreams of people never with me,

pain of wounds that never healed,

pain of separation happened long time back.

I have lil lil eyes,

lil lil lips,

n a lil lil hands.

I love toys.

I love 'love'.

I m lil.

I need somebody to look after me.

Is there somebody who'll own me,

Is there somebody who'll gimme.

I promise:

I'll work for thee,

I'll never trouble thee,

I'll look what u want me to see,

I would, whatever u want me to be,

But promise me,

u'll keep me,

close to your heart,

and love me,

as if,

I am ur lil child.

5th December,2004

by Prankul Agarwal

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