VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


From delirium of my slowest awakening, to something spectral
All is not well, as I am approached through the dark, by the physical
A swirl of a long dress, velvet and deep purple in majesty, of the finest
Eyes transfixed upon me, cannot deter myself, to look from the visual digest

Piercing eyes, as they shatter nights dark, cloak of a sense, deemed blind
Dancing step towards me, her luxuriating evil, resistance I cannot find
Swaying her hair, sweeping the air, the cold rushes across my naked body
Exposed and in paralysis, under total spellbound control, of her anthropology

Moving ever closer, she beckons me to allow her, to be unto me, I can’t speak
Arousal grows as I am powerless, defenceless, and my soul becomes the meek
Sinister smile I can now see, as she lowers herself upon me, to meet my eyes
Raking nails softly, tracing my body’s outline, caressing a sensual demise

For her magic is the darkest, as is my own desires, for her to be with me
Reaching for me inside her, flesh meets flesh, the rush of her I now see
A gothic ballerina of this motion, her breath is icy on my face, sweat glistens
Never do I want her to leave me, nor do I want to heed the warning, no one listens

A quickening as her impatience grows, for my soul is hers, when I cum within
Her perfected frame, the weaponry of her arsenal, to seduce mortal men to sin
Now revokes a kindred sexuality, no resistance can I muster, for she has me
Knowing of this danger, surpassed; are my tendering to halt, like seed to the tree

The darkness in thigh and in arms, for she expresses to me, the evil yearning
For thee to end, for me to submit inside her, be my soul taken and ever following
Drawing near to this moment, her breathing becomes an incantation, of curses
Language I hear, that I cannot comprehend, for her words are the satanic verses

Bring me closer, as my resistance is fading, feeling myself slipping slowly away
Under her bucking, anatomical faultlessness, I try to cry and weep for the day
My breath is stolen, for the second is now, ending is her motions, my soul to steal
I leave my presence and walk with her, another claimed victim, I am lost to feel

A soul is torn and void, captured and undone, within her keep, always at her mercy
As I have failed, failed to be resistant to her yearnings, for lust be my sin and delivery
Into black my vision fades, descent to a hellish nightmare, I shall never awaken
The ultimate in her pleasuring, experienced the nectar of her body, now I am taken

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