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Lilly Of Misdeeds
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lilly Of Misdeeds

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lilly of misdeeds,
A suburban missus sipping...
In her high tech kitchen,
Another brandy spiked with tea.
And smoking homegrown weed.
Rises early every dawn,
To whip a fresh batch...
Of her laced cupcakes.
While awaiting requests,
From her best customers.
Neighbors in the 'hood'...
Scheduling a time,
To pick up their favorite...
Homemade baked goods.
Anticipating to share,
The latest 'dirt' to pour...
Over high octane gossip.

Lilly delivers as promised.
To keep those she addicts.
While listening to secrets,
From those with loosened lips.

Other 'lillies' come coiffed.
And manicured arriving,
To not knock at all...
On Lilly's backdoor.
As they wave goodbye,
To their spouses, lovers...
And one stand 'tricks'.
While relaying with excitement,
Who it was last night...
They had enjoyed sex with.
And Lilly sips on her brandy.
Spiked with tea.
Making money.
And keeping secrets.
Delighting how her cupcakes,
Have addicted so successfully.

'Lay a dozen out for me,
I want to treat someone I met,
While at the grocery store.'

-Should I add extra frosting? -
Lilly asks.

'Oh no.
This one I closely inspected.
And, sure I am...
He will be up to the task.'

They laugh.
Lilly counts her cash.
As she packs dozens of cupcakes
In designer take away bags.

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