TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Lily Snow

Mist shrouded lilies in the darkness
Glistening off the new fallen snow.

Torrents of emotions unharnessed
Beneath the mother moons glow.

Lids of diamonds blink lazily
Carrying lashes of golden water.

Over sapphire skies of Hazel
A velvet cheeked lily martyr.

Offering the alabaster fingers
Of the impossible American dream.

Mending the jaded hopes that lingered
Everything is more than what it seems.

Sturdy stems cut through the ice
Crystalline forests of milk and sugar.

Teach you never to think twice
Not to judge with haste or vulgar.

As your vision dances across ebony
Tresses of the moon light you seek.

Eyes that no longer question me
Laughter the only words your lips speak.

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