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Lily, Will You Call Me?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Lily, Will You Call Me?

Lily will you call me?

I'm happy now that you are back
I missed you very much
my brain does NOT know how to track
when we are out of touch.
I love you so, I love you more
I love you to extremes,
this greeting from a distant shore
is bursting at its seams.
I hold your hand if you agree
and walk with you, we smile
our spirits for each other be
forever plus one mile.

And to explain some needful things
I might add this as seas'ning,
some thoughts don't travel well on wings
and some are bare of reas'ning.

My love has grown and now matured
to fledgling levels barely.
I am sorry if you have endured
ineptness so unfairly.
A model student I am not
as you, no doubt discovered.
Acquiring what I haven't got:
it helps us to recover.
I pledge to you that I will do
my very best and more
so that we can be friends for life,
and after that for more.
I ask you, would you talk to me
my sweetest precious treasure,
so if you have a minute free
may I please have the pleasure?

The phone is rigged to stay connected,
the world is kept at bay.
From prying ears we are protected,
let's hug, let's kiss and say
those little words that mean so much
that settle deep inside
that hold the power of the touch.
My arms are open wide.

For: Lily

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Comments (2)

This is a very genuine, sincere poem. You are a one of a kind...=) (good luck)
H, this is a lovely and heartfelt poem: -)