It’s almost kind of exciting
How I don’t know
If I’m coming
Or going
With you
You keep me lingering
Just beyond the reach of your fingertips
And I tilt
In limbo
Waiting for you
To draw closer and unglue me
It’s almost thrilling
How I never know
If you’ll call or write
Sending me mixed signals
That keeps me guessing for hours
You are a mystery
A thought in my mental history
Of how low I would go
For the hope of you
The hope of us
That is all you can offer
Because you’d never part your lips and say anything
That might come back and taunt you
Would you?
Could you?
Maybe give it a rest
And come rest beside me
In your big bed
Tell me all your secrets with your eyes
All your childhood woes
Sprouting through your thighs
And I will rise
Into you
Throughout you
In front and behind you
As long as you keep me
Right here
Beside you
Even if it’s only for a little while

by Lyndsey Grant

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