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Hello! There my friend
  How do you do, my dear.
I'm sending you a Maybee
  To buzz about your ear.
Maybee now, you'll know me
  Maybee now, you won't.
Maybee now, I care a heap
  Maybee now I don't.

But if you do not know me
  That's a forfeit to you,
You will owe someone a Maybee
  That's the forfeit, it's true.

Maybee you should guess my name
  Maybee now, you shouldn't,
Maybee you would like to try
  Maybee now, you wouldn't.

Maybee now, you do not dare
  Maybee now, you do,
Maybee now, you will just sit down
  And write a Maybee, too.

Foolscapes fly in April
  During the full of the moon,
Maybee's fly in Maytime
  June bugs fly in June.

Yet, if I received a letter
  Whether, April, May, or June,
I'm sure that I'd be tickled pink.
  As roses, when in bloom.

So when you receive this Maybee
  And you get the buzzy blues,
For a little change of thought
  Think of me, and my big shoes.

by Della Hodgson James

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