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PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Poem By Punk Nona

here in limbo.
Perhaps for redemption.
Inside I scream.
Though the waters seem calm...
I am being weighted down
by all that I hold inside.
I search for escape
I yearn for a comfort
I dream of a different life-
one I cannot find.
There must be more than this...
Oh, God, tell me there's more.

I feel stale, marching in time with the ants.
Is this really it?
Just another mouse amongst the rats in their race.
Spinning out of control now
control- who has any control?
Inside I feel I'm dying.
And I can't stop this pain
this torment
from this existence.
Tell me there's more than this.
Tell me there's something else...

So tired of living this way;
reckless, restless.
Tired of baring these scars
these regrets
so many now.
I cannot seem to let them go.
Please tell me there's something more.
Oh God, there has to be more
there has to be something more...

And I lay here
wading fading in and out
of Limbo.

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