Limerick.25. Courage!

Brave Ben dreamt he was drowning in the sea
From the killer waves, he struggled to free
He woke up in fright
In the dead of the night
His wife asked- "What made you pee"

by Valsa George

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Really funny....that last! A great limerick!
ok, let's here from this non-asian reader! yeah, i like it as well. how could i not? ? it made me laugh... the last line of course. but who had courage? the man in his dream, OR the woman who was brave enough to ask such a question. maybe both. i've heard of wet dreams, but i think THAT means something else. and i wonder if the wetness on his side of the bed triggered the dream or if the dream triggered the wetness. the old chicken or the egg question. valsa, it's a killer limerick! congratulations! ! BUT..... tell your husband to stop drinking tea four hours before going to bed! ! ! so far i've been lucky enough to wake up in time, thank goodness. sometimes i do dream about peeing before i wake up to trudge to the bathroom. thanks for sharing. to MyPoemList it goes. bri :)
Ha Ha Ha. Very laughable penning.
Your limericks provide the much needed relaxed laughter. One more nice one. Thank you.
what made you pee'-really it is funny. Nicely penned. Thanks.
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