Limerick-5 (Funny Adjective)

After entering the class, said the Inspector,
"Which adjective is best for your teacher? "
All said, "Handsome, Sir."
But said a foolish from far,
"For him ‘INSANE' can likely be better."

by Saheb Mohapatra

Comments (6)

Ha ha ha, Nicely thought limerick, Liked it.
A foolish from afar? Trying to use an adjective instead of a noun? Fool? I was once an insane teacher... insane to be a teacher in an american High School You are a great writer! blessings
Both are adjectives, answer can be either both or anyone for qualities of teacher......... Fantastic way of writing Limerick.
Both were right - insane are the handsome not by face but by mind nice
Funny really, thanks..
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