Trembling Soul




A child peeping,
And creeping.
Silently weeping.
A child gets in,
A child was green.
With paramount features of fear.

 A Child was peeping and courageously creeping silently sounded  a weak weep silent success hope to reap tippy toeing.

In the dawn,
Wakes up with grin.
For not being flogged.

Preparing tuffet salad,
With a background ballad.
And graith the curds and whey.

 he'd chose to avoid,   he stood with terror as fright filled his heart with phobia awe asked all questions negative; what if the poet Is not productive and gets caught in  in the act?

 His soul fearing for his heart, afraid that its flesh might part ways
As the preciously portable organ imlode causing his mind shatter in explosion.

To win over the folks,
To withdraw all flogs.
To enjoy liaison indefinitely,
Without being monitored.
Got him safely in his face grossly green with paramount attributes of fear. The heart he'd came to capture appeared the poet in him was all he needed to hack the security protecting that which could be used to feed his void but expression sterming from emotions.

Copyright 2018
Lesiba M
All rights reserved.

by Lesiba MrVersatile

Comments (5)

This is indeed a great tribute to that greater limerick writer- Edward Lear. Having said that, Jim Yerman also deserves a big hand for this greatly amusing string of limericks to mark the occasion. Thanks a lot.
I did not know that May 12 was limerick day! That's my sister's birthday! Maybe I will be able to remember both next year! By the way, the Limerick King on this site is Wes Vogler. If you've never read any of his limericks, you should.
Now I know another birthday to celebrate! Enjoyed it all the way. Thanks for sharing.
now I will religiously observe limerick day thanks for enlightening me
Good poem really funny and you followed the Edward Lear Limerick form all the way through..i'll have to remember that Limerick Day falls on my brother's birthday, too..