Limerick- Dutiful Guard

In the village was a large farmhouse
A dog was put to guard the house
When people come near
It would shrink back in fear
But would dart at the sight of a mouse!

by Valsa George

Comments (10)

What a great guard this dog is! Great limerick!
Mouse is more dangerous and it shrinks when people come near. Nice that it recognized people. nice to read.
Full of fun n humor. Love ur limericks.
I have a fat cat quite friendly with mice With them around she’ll be overly nice But a dog she will bite And that with much delight So dear Valsa, I need your advice Thanks for the fun my friend
This is really very amazingly drafted fun giving Limerick. Dog shrinks in fear and this is symbolized with a crazy photograph. Large farmhouse was guarded by this amazing dog. Excellently penned poem is shared here.10
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