(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Limerick For Ash Wednesday

Wicked weather had hit this small town,
and the mood of the people went down,
Then Stolichnaya flowed
pinkish cheek (y) bones glowed
I see ash es is out on the town.

She's a sight for the sorest of eyes,
and I'd ask her to share my French fries,
and for one of the pros
with such beautiful toes
and what rhymes well with wit must be wise.

I have lost for tonight my direction,
and the gnomes have commenced an erection
of huge obstacles here
it is true that I fear
unavoidable human defection.

I see Ian has staked out a space,
with a brief little slap to the face
please allow me to fly
to a different sky
and I promise to pick up my pace.

Looked around though while hanging my hat
for a minute I dreamed as I sat
and the gist was of course
that a pinch of remorse
would eventually skin the fat cat.

Pleasant greetings to those spelled above,
to all birds and that well-endowed dove
I must ask A J S
(failing that I must guess)
can infatuation be love?

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