Limerick For Beginners

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

A recalcitrant poetry critic
who was harsh and a bit analytic
was the colour of custard
but the hot taste of mustard
I prefer either Jack or Glenfiddich.

He produced a great poem or two
which gave all the poets a clue
and they figured him smart
but he was an old fart
I'll go back to my digeridoo.

Comments about Limerick For Beginners

Herbert, when referring to old farts, you didn't mean moi, did you? How cruel.
Funny one! I'm learning so many new words lately....(comments below) . I love it. Sincerely, Mary
Very good, I am enjoying Friday. Amanda
A poem about an old fart always attracts my attention. Interesting piece you've written, Herbert!
Sounds like he was a Dawplucker with custard on his face Warm regards Allan

3,4 out of 5
7 total ratings

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