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Limerick For Raynette
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Limerick For Raynette

I was resting my bones and my mind
as my e-mails did get far behind,
when a message came through
and did come from you
it was something worthwhile to find.

I did have no reason to fret
as they said that it was from Raynette.
It could always be seen
on the slow motion screen
and I'm glad that we met, Raynette.

And I thank you for taking the time
to construct that old limerick rhyme
just for me, no one else
it brought whistles and bells
to the time of the 'you got a dime'?

If you know what I mean I'll be glad
as some others will, doubtless, be mad
and the work you produce
is the reading I choose
you have saved me from being sad.

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Comments (5)

I know this poem is not for me, but I can pretend. Thanks for the laugh :) .
What a great experience to watch a couple of talented poets as you two are send poetic notes back and forth..........This is what this website should be about! Sincerely, Mary
This is a fun poem......
I think we're all in a touchy feely mood today....I'm sure she loved it Herbert!
Well Herbert, I'm delighted you liked your limericks...and also delighted that I saved you from being sad. It is wonderful to find such a good friend from Down Under. And to be inspired by his humor. :) Raynette