(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Limerick Fun **

There lived in the Oregon Hills
an old hermit by name of Will Mills.
When Saint Helen blew high
old Will Mills was nearby
and the county paid all of his bills.

There stands in the town of Seattle
a big tower, folks tittle tattle
on the lift as it climbs
and at all other times,
and they sound like a posse of cattle.

Well this morning I fell out of bed.
There was ethanol still in my head.
All four walls and the door
and the whole bloody floor
moved around, so perhaps I am dead.

Tis the weekend, it just has occurred,
I'm outside watching Cedric the bird.
He's a crow and he's kind
but I watch his behind,
he is prone to dropp many a turd.

Off I am to the bath, can you guess?
For this sequence: S S and S S
Shit and Shave, and Shampoo
and a big Shower too
so we bless of all letters the S.

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