Feel Fragrance

I fly high in air
When you are near
Fearless souls as you are
The shine is lot by star

It is how I feel
When you are not mine still
You are towering strength
My existence and deep breath

I feel fragrance around
When visit wet ground
The flowers smell of original scent
You seem to be heavenly sent

I need no physical presence
The love shines in its essence
You with me in angelic form
It keeps me safe and warm

The artificial nearness has no value
Such kind of thoughts certainly flew
I shall simply whisper in silence
So believe in lovely presence

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (4)

besides not being a chimp(anzee) , it is also a FEMALE (orangutan) ! how does Bri know? I peeked! and IT leaked. and now I'm all wet. bri: ( yours to MyPoemList
Very, very funny poem. A picture with a rare expression. Loke, you are a king of humour.
One should not pry in someone's private life, enjoyed this Limerick.
So you have started your New Year bringing a chuckle to many! Very humorous! Poor thing..........! I shall give her/him an underwear!