Life Glances On The Shoulders

Life Glances on the Shoulders

as ever life glances back on the shoulders,
a reflections on the crystal pools of time,

every contexture presumes themoulds,
let say Adam was a forebear,
Eve the attachments from therib cage and ligament of Adam,
a biblical hypothesis,

the Bible the book of life
everything in our sun,

believer or non believer,
faith moving the mountains,

doubts mastering the stars.
science and god irreconcilable,

still the concerns of the day,
more potent, more immediate are the food on the table,

how to feed the mouth that goes to the stomach,
how to appease the host,
with necessities.

nurture its specific anatomies,
to construct whole body frame,

mind, body, organs,
microbiones, guts, and sex,

an array of dispensable
for a disposal body,

that one day,
with heaven or no heaven must die,

lay her fate to the pastures bythe sun.

by Benjamin Chiu Uy

Comments (4)

as floozies 'go', this one ain't 'too bad'...............if i were living on another planet! ;) bri
In one word it's a 'Fantastc' Limerick. Shows how the knowledge of human nature pays off. Cheers for the beer. Thanks, Loke.
O dear! what a cheer! Wonderful Limerick and a wonderful picture too. Loke, i would like to give hundred marks for this poem but unfortunately, the vote button is not functioning. i have to wait till it is rectified. Apologies!
Your characters are indeed clever! By hook or by crook, 'clever' people can survive! She knows all tricks of the trade! Another outstanding limerick. Top marks!