Fourty, Again

some say i've wasted many years
some say i've lost a step
but i say they are just confused
and broadcasting their fears.

they can't control the loss of time
and age has shown them flaws
that mirrors toss back in their face
(as if years were a crime) .

they put on clothes that do no fit
and makeup made for kids
with sorry ways they try and hide
from nature's sudden snit.

they say "it happened all at once"
they say "but not to me"
but no one hides from nature's tides
and makes them look the dunce.

please help me Lord to see the light
and not be fooled like them
i couldn't stand to hide from truth,
embarrassment or fright.

and by the way i have to say
with forty years gone by
you've left me many wondrous gifts
and they should watch me fly!

for forty in the years of men
are not the ending game
but just the start of this new race-
i'll learn to win, again.

for marcy, happy birthday 98

by martin elbin

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