AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)


to fun in seriousness


Fretting for child I did carry
Engage did ayah who'd marry-
The father of the child
That was kicking like wild
Me thinks both were duped and quite crazy


Fate of my heart did so tally
Misgivings groaning did rally
Zapped with the feel
And struck with a deal
I'm filled with some zeal to quite dally


When sown are the seeds of some doubt
I know that such great ones will sprout
In knowing one's view
I'd so have some clue
It's fun to just stand up and shout


Some caring and sharing we find
In simple sweet hearts that are kind
If emulate we must
In somehow we trust
Sweet melodies revolve in the mind


Where songs are sung merrily with rhyme
The sweetness imbued is not mime
When soulful in tune
At daybreak or noon
The feeling regardless of time

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
I have never tried doing a limerick...And just see the topics I've chosen to do the much fun in great seriousness.

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