Limitation And Its Kept Performance

It does not matter the color of faces,
Presented to represent a window dressed progress.
It does not matter the facts or the proof of that.

It does not matter which places showcase,
A tolerance for diversity...
With this deception of it perceived.

What matters today,
Is the way delusion and hypocrisy is displayed.
With a blocking to stop progress,
Done in a meaningful and accepted way...
By those who know they will and can keep controlled,
Limitation and its kept performance to go unnoticed.

'You 'always' managed to say something offensive.'

~Someone has to defend the truth.
And the little of it that is being produced,
By those welcoming the disappearance of it.
With a refusing to acknowledge its existence.
Like some admitting they've become 'offended'.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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